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are a transformative customer experience

At H & W, we perform development on a wide spectrum of areas through proven experience and robust processes. Our front-end and back-end development is handled by specialized experts making it state-of-the-art. Through our cutting edge technological skill set we cater to every need of our clients.

Web Application Development

Development technologies

for a transformative customer experience

CMS & Backend Development

CMS & Backend Development

Developing websites that are laden with features and easily alterable is our forte. Be it WordPress or Joomla or Drupal, all trending CMS platforms come under our umbrella. Need backend based on PHP, Java, Ruby or .NET? Our unrivalled server side backend development is performed by skilled techies having thirst for technological flawlessness.

 Frontend  Development

Frontend Development

Websites with attractive frontends can be deal makers. Our expert developers are wizards of technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript – impeccably intertwining the needed elegance and dazzle of web pages with usability, versatility and practicality.

Application Development

Application Development

In today’s market, modern businesses need cutting edge applications to fuel their growth. We have the required technical prowess to deliver extremely customized applications to our clients. Our architects, specialists and engineers are masters of highly optimized niche application development.

CRM / ERP Integration

CRM / ERP Integration

Maintaining strong customer relationships and managing intra-organizational activities are two challenges every business faces. The niche of CRM/ERP catering to such needs has a complex integration process. We at H & W provide exemplary support by integrating this software into the organization structure.