Thanjavur Veenai Works

The Veena is India’s national instrument, and one of our most antique ones

Get the styled Musical Instrument logo as sound as a bell!

Need a fine-looking custom logo design with musical instruments? Whether you teach music classes or open a musical instrument retail store or marketplace, get an impression of the splendid musical instrument logo created for Thanjavur Veenai.

We’re a squad that identifies imagination doesn’t just happen; it takes desire and a lot of hard work. That’s why we’re devoted to making it stress-free for people to get their innovative projects done, driven by a positive determination and a united set of standards that locates our community at the soul of everything we do.

Our team of developers pondered upon various aspects of the medical industry

while discussing in great detail with our clients to understand their requirements. The aim was to forge a neat looking application where one could find a plethora of In-House medical care services. A design was formulated where every service could be viewed through the menus systematically and seamlessly. The branding was carefully done keeping the subtle human connection in mind. It is reflected in the logo which aims to achieve the overall well-being of the individual.

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