Houston Ventures

Inspire others to make profitable investments and support meaningful projects

Being an eminent venture Investment and Wealth Management Company

Houston Ventures required a suave-looking website that could represent their professional acumen. They came in touch with H&W Technologies to develop their business website and briefed us about the expectations. We had to put in total focus in the initial banner, the font style/size, to project the commitment of the firm when it came to wealth management.

The theme comprised of images of neatly suited investors in a board-room meeting having a bluish-green tinge. A pattern of alternate black and white banners was chosen to convey other elements like the portfolio companies of Houston Ventures. We developed a nimble form structure through which firms and people looking for investment can reach out to Houston Ventures. The end product was an immaculately elegant website that complimented the expertise and trustworthiness of the firm.

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